I.F. 24 Hour Competition


Firm | S+A:S

Project | I.F. 24 Hour Competition : Nowadays Nowadays School House Trailer

Work | Competition

Year | Fall 2015

Collaboration | Saul Archila

Competition Brief|

“Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit

Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace. ( … )” Sub-Saharan Africa located at South of the Sahara Desert, is considered by many, the poorest region of the planet In this part of Africa are located the poorest countries in the world, with major structural problems, suffering serious legacy of colonialism, neo-colonialism, ethnic conflict and political instability. This poverty is reflected in the education, health and nutrition In general, the population of Black Africa has the worst socio-economic indicators in the world While in developed countries the average life span is over 70 years, in this area of the planet hardly that average exceeds 45 years. We can explain this so low average life due to numerous factors. Poor nutrition, lack of medical care and the lack of basic sanitation in rural areas, are some of them, the other is due to the fact that 63% of the adult population is illiterate and have no access to education, one of the main vehicles for knowledge We challenge you to combine the private living area of Margaret with a teaching area, in a way that is possible for her to travel long distances and, when arriving at the destinations, settle the “mobile school”, These two spaces should not interfere with each other, The African continent has about 889 million people, of which 500 million live in sub-Saharan Africa.


The current global framework demands from us the capability to constantly adapt; therefore the profound changes that we have witnessed inside the organizations have consequent effects on our behavior and ways of thinking. We should create our own goals so that we feel accomplished not only at a professional level but also at a personal level Nowadays Nomadays presents itself as a competition that highlights the importance of education as a way of adapting to new needs, new local realities and to the space- time paradigm

Exterior Area – You are free to use the exterior area around the trailer in any way you like, ,The education system has a fundamental role in our society, it contributes at all levels to the development, stability and sustainability

of the social pattern as well to the life quality of the entire population. Margaret, as a teacher passionate by her profession, education and above all the public school, defines herself as a dedicated and competent professional. With that in mind she takes the biggest decision of her life and puts in practice an old dream of hers: to leave her country and seek personal and professional fulfillment. Not only as a protest against the unemployment, discredit and precariousness in her activity but mainly because she is an active citizen, eager to share her knowledge and at the same time improve herself. After doing some research she chooses to travel to Sub-Saharan Africa where 43% of the children in the world don’t attend school. The number of achievements in the learning fie ld is significantly low, there are still considerable disparities between girls and boys and the educational needs of the children, adolescents and even adults keeps on being neglected. Margaret cannot keep on ignoring this reality and takes a leap on her new adventure.


Trailer: 2, Public Area 2,1, Removable Cover 2,2, Book Storage 2,3, White Board 2.4. Water Tank 2,5, Solar Panel 2,6, Waste Hopper 1, Private Area for 1 Person 1,1, Food Confection 1,2, Toilet1,3, Rest Area

We challenge you to combine the private living area of Margaret with a teaching area, in a way that is possible for her to travel long distances and, when arriving at the destinations, settle the “mobile school”, These two spaces should not interfere with each other, Free zones: The participant is free to add other areas it considers appropriate,

Interior Trailer Area- 15m2

Exterior Area – You are free to use the exterior area around the trailer in any way you like, Materials – There are no pre-defined materials; the participant has total freedom of choice.


The Sub Saharan Desert is a major region in the world continuously suffering from a lack of general resources and will continue do to do unless immediate action is taken. After years of neglect and loss of hope we believe a large scale movement is needed to support Margaret’s mission to educating people within the Sub Saharan Desert. Our design proposes to create the infrastructure for this type of movement to occur. By utilizing a multitude of seaports geographically located across Africa we are proposing to repurpose easily accessible, modifiable, low cost shipping containers.

Our design begins with a typical 8’(wide) x 20’(deep) x 8’7”(high) shipping container cut symmetrically lengthwise. The gesture allows for each half of the container to function independently of one another. An exoskeleton is then attached to each half of the shipping container. The exoskeleton is equipped with an independent rotatable wheel system allowing each half of the container to physically be rearranged as needed on site. The system allows for a wide variety of classroom arrangements dependent on the number of students on any given day.

The pubic container is divided into three main parts. One end of the container holds the waste hopper which is separate from the general public area. The other end holds a series of bookshelves intended for the public library. The middle section of the container contains a storage rack folding desks and tables.

The private is also divided into three main parts. One end of the containers has the resting area equipped with a bed and a couch. The middle of the container is fully equipped with a full kitchen and the far end of the container is equipped with a shower and water closet.

A solar panel system is then attached to the exoskeleton to act as a double roof system.  The water tank is located in the sub floor of the public space away from direct sunlight while remaining easily accessible. The exoskeleton system is designed to reattach at a moment’s notice through a simple bolt system to easily be hauled away. Both the structure and shipping containers are coated with ceramic insulation pain preventing heat transfer, radiating, convected and conducting.

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