Sporadic Void

Instructor | Phillip Ra

Project | Sporadic Void

Work | Academic

Year | Spring 2013


Project Description|

Broadway, as a concept, is uniquely American. It is an original American brand. Broadway, as a place, is synonymous with “Theater District” or “Entertainment District.” To be “on Broadway” is to be part of Entertainment, Theater, Movies, Glamour, Crowds, Lights, Movement, Excitement, Creativity and Energy. Therefore creating pedestrian connections is important, the building achieves this with the atrium running through the core of the building. Paseos, alleys, walkways, open spaces, are connected and called out by the density in the building interior striated skin. This atrium also creates an environmentally responsible design that utilize alternative energy sources, as feasible in lighting. The building entrance area accommodate to a future streetcar on Broadway, as well as Metro buses, autos and delivery vehicles. Los Angeles is trying to bring back this stretch of Broadway. St. where once this place held the hearts of Los Angeles residents and Hollywood.

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